LUNCH & LISTEN with widex

Save time while demonstrating why 94% of non-Widex wearers prefer Widex hearing aids in noise*.

host an event

Don't just tell your patients Widex is Best in Noise - Prove it!

Lunch and Listens offer a fun marketing approach and address your patient’s real-life needs - all while creating a warm and personalized experience.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

With Widex representative support, easy-to-use checklists, and customizable invitations, it's easy, efficient, and effective to partner with Widex to host a Lunch & Listen event. 
  1. Identify an appropriate venue and patients.
  2. Invite patients to attend and try out EVOKE hearing aids.
  3. Enjoy the Widex difference in a real-life listening situation.

Why a Workshop?

  • Inexpensive option to save your clinic time
  • Demonstrate Widex' performance in noisy environments
  • Opportunity for interactions with peers for better learning
  • 70-80% appointment rate
  • 50-70% purchase rate

When our patients had to put on their old hearing aids... they said, can we put the new ones back on? I was shocked that their reaction was so strong!
Dr. Jane Baxter, Aud, co-owner, pacific hearing services
  • Things needed
    • - Two hours at a nearby restaurant. 
    • - A list of patients who meet these criteria: 
    • - Good attitude
    • - Good word discrimination and cognitive function
    • - Previous hearing aid experience
    • - Can be fit with instant tips for a demo
    • - Open schedule availability in the days following the event

  • Widex will provide
      • - Pre-event support including: 
      • - Sample invitations
      •   - Checklists and planning assistance 
      •   - Stock, swag, brochures, and name tags 
      • - In-person support from a sales rep or clinical specialist

      Interested in hosting a lunch and listen?

      Fill in the information below and your Regional Sales Manager will contact you.
      * Laura Winther Balling, PhD, Oliver Townend, Wendy Switalski, AuD, MBA (2019, January 28) Real-life Hearing Device Benefit with Widex EVOKE, The Hearing Review.