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With MedPB, we've seen impressive growth - 60% increase in phone calls, 88% increase in website traffic, plus 107 five-star reviews. The communication and support are really great. They stay on top of it, check in with me, and always provide really great advice. Our growth is all because of MedPB.
ann castle
I can’t begin to express how incredibly thrilled I am with my partnership with MedPB. Since I began with them approximately 8 months ago, I have seen my business grow exponentially. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for my practice!
kristen clark
We have generated 18 new online reviews since we started working with MedPB and the Online Review Builder software. It’s working better than anything else we've tried. When I ask new patients how they found us they say they went online and saw our reviews. This has, without a doubt, helped generate new patient interest. 
Darrylin Wasiuk
60% of our business is from the work MedPB does online. The combination of web, SEO, and patient review management is really working. We hear all the time that patients called because they found us online and read our reviews.
Shawna Bauer
Since we have joined MedPB, I have seen a 78% increase in new patient calls and an 84% increase in traffic to my website. What stands out the most for me is the fact that this is truly an accountable, transparent organization. 
Christopher beuhler
The digital marketing that MedPB does has been our number one source of leads for over a year. We are getting more reviews every week and a minimum of 8 new patients per month from the marketing MedPB does for us. We're very happy.
Craig Van Doorne
We're getting more calls and online inquiries in the last few weeks than we have had in 2 years! We were having difficulty attracting patients online and tried several of the leading SEO companies only to be sorely disappointed. MedPB is constantly working and researching to help us attract more patients...and our profits show it! 
Wanda Brann
We were looking to increase our leads and grow our business. In less than 30 days from launching the new website, we received 12 NEW patient phone calls. Not only is the new site beautiful, it’s generating new patient leads. Highly recommend working with MedPB.
dawn cooper
In the last 90 days we've received 21 new reviews. The Online Review Builder and the training we received were great and I'd highly recommend it for anyone in private practice.
Mary goodacre
Using the advice of MedPB I've doubled my hearing aid sales. ASP is up $1,000 per unit and acceptance rates have more than doubled from 30% to 75%. If you're not working with MedPB, chances are you're leaving money on the table. They've helped me double my income! 
joni bullough
I am amazed at the traffic increases to our site and the new customers that have resulted from MedPB efforts. Very happy with the results we are seeing. The team is very professional and guide you through the process.
Charlie stone
MedPB has always been a step ahead with my digital marketing. Recently, we channeled some of our budget to Facebook Advertising. After the first week we received 16 new leads which ended up costing only $37 per lead. Amazing! 
matt murphy
New patients are calling and saying, "I found you online AND your practice has great reviews". I love our new website and the review builder tool is awesome and easy to use. We've already gotten 6 new reviews in the first month. Highly recommended.
Our Q1 2018 gross revenue is up by 500% compared to a year ago. Our Q1 net revenue has tripled and our new appointments have nearly doubled. Without a doubt MedPB is the top digital marketing firm and the only choice for practices that want to be competitive and continue to grow.
Lori Gardner
After months of searching for an affordable and reliable digital marketing solution, we found MedPB. Over the last 6 months have been delighted with the steady rise in new patient leads, more than doubling their average monthly volume.
felix cruz
MedPB's online review builder tool helped tap into a gold mine of positive customer feedback and new online review opportunities creating lead generation. More reviews are coming in every week with high ratings. 
Sandra Wendschlag
Our new website is getting the phone to ring with new patient calls. And since we added MedPB's Advantage PPC, our new patient calls have doubled! To top if off, the monthly calls with our MedPB Practice Advisor keeps our marketing and practice growth on track. 
elizabeth rogers

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