Boost Patient Flow with Live Chat

Patient and prospects expect instant answers when they have questions. One of the ways you can be there is through live chat on your website. 
Live Chat on your website offers the following benefits: 
  • Responding faster means more new private pay patients with documented research 
  • Improve customer service, loyalty and proactive outreach 
  • Discover customer pain points and use as your competitive advantage 
  • Increase the ways patients and prospects can communicate with your practice 
We noticed an immediate response when live chat was added to our website.
We started getting contacted by new patients and existing patients on day 1. New patients are finding it easy to live chat with us as well even after hours and on weekends. The operators are able to respond in the evening when we are closed so we don’t miss a single opportunity. 

What are the differences between MedPB live chat and others on the market?

MedPB offers HIPPA compliant and operators available to respond, not your front desk staff.  

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Q: Is live chat really better than live phone support? 
A: Live chat agents are able to multitask and assist several visitors at once. 

Q: Can live chat help in my website conversion strategy? 
A: Live chat can drive 3-5x more conversions. Customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t. 

Q: Will live chat improve or decrease customer satisfaction? 
A: Live chat had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for traditional phone support. 

Q: Will live chat be used only for negative feedback?  
A: It is important to understand prospect and patient pain points which can be uncovered in chat histories. This will allow you to create solutions that will give you a competitive advantage; one of the greatest benefits of live chat. 

Q: Will the live chat be in real-time or an automated response? 
A: Real-time responses. This allows for your practice to solve the issues or answer questions in the moment vs Monday morning when the prospect or patient has move on to another solution or frustrated for an extended period of time.