We push the limits in developing innovative technology. We focus on patient satisfaction, performance in noise, and exceptional sound quality to stand out from other manufacturers.



In WIDEX MOMENT™, we have introduced PureSound™ powered by the ZeroDelay™ pathway. By reducing the sound signal processing time to 0.5 milliseconds, PureSound™ eliminates the source of distortion that produces sound that many wearers call "unnatural," "artificial," or even "how a hearing aid sounds."

In addition to this new ultra-fast signal pathway, TruAcoustics™ delivers unprecedented precision and personalization in fitting by optimizing gain and parameter calibration using in situ measurements during fitting - producing the first hearing aid that doesn't sound like a hearing aid.
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Being able to hear speech in background noise continues to be a top goal for both the hearing aid wearer and Hearing Care Professionals alike. With our patented Real-Time InterEar™ Noise Reduction feature called Speech Enhancer, and a fully adaptive directional microphone system, speech is automatically enhanced over noise based on the wearer’s hearing loss.
Widex allows your patients to hear what they want to hear easier, by preserving access to speech in noise and maintaining feature performance, regardless of environment.

At Widex, it is not enough to meet expectations - we want to help you exceed your patients' expectations.

It was exciting to see the learning that occurred in my patient's new EVOKE via SoundSense Adapt. I was amazed that, in a short time, the instrument learned and adapted automatically to my patient’s behavior in each of the sound classes. Very valuable as this patient is a new user and will be traveling to Europe. It is an extraordinary feature and represents the wave of the future! Thank you Widex!
I'm very much enjoying my Widex fittings! Any problems I may encounter are easily solved in the software, with acoustic modifications, or counseling. Patients are happy with the quality of sound and I've had ZERO connection issues with the phones.


In real-life, wearers have unique listening intentions and environments. SoundSense Learn, powered by Real-Time Machine Learning, helps the listener to always stay in the moment and hear their best. With a simple A, B comparison on the EVOKE app, this ground-breaking technology changes the way that hearing aid wearers can increase listening preference and satisfaction in the moment- both easily and efficiently.

Minimize frustrating follow-up visits and no longer make assumptions on wearers’ listening environments.  Use SoundSense Learn to save time and frustration. A recent Global Survey revealed 80% recommend SoundSense Learn.
Revealed 80% recommend SoundSense Learn


Pure and Accurate Sound
Utilizing 4 dedicated A/D converters, each with the industry's largest dynamic range of 5 dB SPL to 113 dB SPL, Widex preserves the integrity of the original input. This allows for a cleaner, more natural, and enjoyable listening experience in every situation at every price point. 

Widex computer chips process 800,000,000 calculations per second, 30% more processing power than competitors. The more calculations a hearing aid computer chip makes per second, the great ability it has to amplify sound accurately.
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At Widex, our vision is to give people unlimited access to a world of sounds by providing perfect hearing. We take reliability, efficiency and the durability of our products seriously. These are some examples of Industry Leading Signature Features by Widex.

Industry Leading Battery Efficiency - even while streaming

Thanks to the efficiency of Widex Chip - Technology, all Widex products offer the lowest battery drain.  This is a direct benefit to both you and your patients for reliability, consistent feature performance and cost.

Widex Smartwind Manager

This Signature Feature Provides an 8.4 dB SNR improvement for phonemes in the presence of wind noise. Did you know? Wind noise is the 2nd highest challenge after hearing in noise, according to MarketTrack surveys.

Technology for Tinnitus Management

Zen Fractal technology is the only feature of its kind. Zen is a music-based sound therapy listening program which has been proven to reduce tinnitus awareness and promote relaxation and concentration.

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