When sound reaches the ear of a person wearing a hearing aid, two things happen:

  • Sound waves enter the hearing aid through its microphones.
  • Sound waves also pass through and around the ear-tip and into the ear canal.

While the hearing aid processes the sound entering the microphone extremely quickly — between 4 - 8 milliseconds for most devices—it is still out of sync with the direct signal that passes through ear-tip. These two signals mix inside the wearer's ear canal and produce an interference pattern known as the comb-filter effect, which makes hearing aids sound "artificial."

ZeroDelay™ is a new ultrafast signal pathway that reduces the processing delay to below 0.5 milliseconds. As a result, the direct sound signal and amplified sound signal from the hearing aid are effectively in sync and no longer create a distorted listening experience.

We call this new sound experience Widex PureSound™.

This sound changes everything

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Hearing aids that offer ZeroDelay™ technology

The WIDEX MOMENT™ RIC 312 D is a beautiful and discreet 2.4 GHz hearing aid that’s ready for direct streaming. In addition to the PureSound™ experience, it offers wearers all the benefits of the machine learning-powered SoundSense Learn technology through the WIDEX MOMENT™ app.

Plus, to make it more flexible for you to work with, it comes with four receivers and has a wide fitting range.
This is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid on the market. It comes with 2.4 GHz, which means that you can stream directly, and it has the benefits of SoundSense Learn Artificial Intelligence technology through the WIDEX MOMENT™ app.

Choose between two powerful receivers that cover a wide fitting range and make your service more personalized – without needing a large variety of stock.
The RIC 10 offers the pure and natural Widex MOMENT sound. It was designed to offer a stronger mechanical design allowing your patients to get a robust and reliable high quality hearing aid. With its clean design lines, the Widex Moment RIC 10 strikes the right balance between subtlety and elegance. The RIC 10 works with the Widex ToneLink app to give your patients the ability to change programs and volume discreetly. It is a perfect combination of quality, style, and quality.

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