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In April, hearing healthcare professionals from around the world gathered at Widex headqaurters in Denmark for the Widex Audiological Summit. Now, insights from renowned speakers at the summit are available at your convenience with AudiologyOnline's CEU course offerings.* Simply click the link of any course you are interested in viewing to register:

The Impact of Auditory Ecology on Hearing Aid Design and Testing
Karolina Smeds, PhD discusses two recent Widex studies on hearing aid development.
Go to Course #29590 to view it on demand.

From Bland to Brand - How to Create a Compelling Brand for Your Practices
Les Jones explains how creating a compelling brand for your hearing care practice is critical in helping you stand out in a competitive market.
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A Transformative Perspective on the Business of Hearing Aids

Sandra Seiber, PhD explains the relevant underlying technology drivers that will affect the hearing aid industry in the foreseeable future.
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Makei it All About the Customer!
Rasmus Houlind explains the omnichannel approach of creating as many customer-centric experiences with as few resource as possible.
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New Approaches to Measuring Hearing Aid Outcomes
Francis Kuk, PhD explains how improvement in speech understanding is an important and expected outcome from hearing aid use. 
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Hearing Aid Ingredients for Effortless Hearing
Francis Kuk, PhD explains Widex's Effortless Hearing rationale.
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Why Treat Tinnitus Patients?

Robert Sweetow, PhD explains Widex Zen Therapy (WZT), an integrated approach to tinnitus patient management consisting of acoustic therapy, amplification, counseling and relaxation exercises.
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Our Life in Sound and Hearing Health: A Biological Perspective
Nina Krause, PhD explains the frequency following response to complex sounds, a biological approach to measure auditory processing and examine individual differences in cognitive hearing health.
Go to Course #29520 to view it on demand.

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