“If this technology didnt exist, my career would look different than it does today.”

Patrick Page, Broadway Actor & Grammy Award Winner, Widex Moment™ Wearer
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“There would really be no way for me to have a career without my hearing aids."

“I realized it contributed to my social anxiety.” 

Over the years, Page has been outspoken about challenges with depression and anxiety, some of which he traces to his hearing loss. He believes better hearing and social interaction are critical. 

Read more about Patrick Page's struggles with his hearing loss, how it affected his career and how Widex MOMENT hearing aids changed so much in his life for the better.

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“[Acting] on stage and on camera - would not be possible if I didn't have my Widex MOMENT hearing aids.”

On stage, Patrick Page was struggling to find the right pitch for his musical performances. And working in television was even harder.

"When I began doing more television, I realized I couldn't hear anyone I was acting with," Patrick said. "I blame it on modern acting techniques - people being so naturalistic I couldn't hear them - but I soon realized they were speaking normally. I just couldn't hear them."

“They’re especially great in public because their ability to screen out background noise is the best I’ve heard.”

Widex MOMENT hearing aids include patented PureSound™ technology to overcome artificial noise that results when direct and amplified sound arrive at the eardrum out of sync.

Through PureSound’s ZeroDelay processing, ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, Widex MOMENT hearing aids eliminate distortion and other common artifacts to create a more natural sound.

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