Which clients is SmartRIC best for?

Reach the full potential of your hearing with the new Widex SmartRIC hearing aid, designed to integrate effortlessly into the diverse lifestyles of your clients.

This is your client’s gateway to a clearer, richer world of sound. Many hearing aid users may benefit from SmartRIC, but there are four types of clients who may find it especially transformative:

  • People with active lifestyles
  • Clients with heavier degrees of hearing loss
  • People with mild hearing loss
  • Younger, tech-savvy users 

Read on to discover how SmartRIC can cater to the individual needs of these clients and many others. 

Clients with active lifestyles – Sailing through the breeze 

For clients who are constantly on the go and enjoy outdoor activities, wind noise can be a significant challenge. SmartRIC hearing aids address this with carefully engineered microphone covers that effectively counter intrusive wind noise, helping your clients focus on their adventures without interruption.


Clients with heavier hearing loss – Directionality makes a difference

The challenge of distinguishing speech from noise is often more pronounced for clients with heavier hearing loss. 

SmartRIC’s directionality is improved, thanks to its innovative L-shaped design. It homes in on speech, helping clients engage in every conversation.

Clients with mild hearing loss: The PureSound experience

We understand that the initial encounter with a hearing aid is crucial in shaping the path to improved hearing. An unfavorable experience might cause users to doubt their decision to use a hearing aid, whereas a favorable one can significantly enhance their connection to their daily life, more than they've felt in a long time. 

We're confident that we can provide users with a sound so authentic that they'll be instantly astonished. And how do we achieve this? Through Widex PureSound™. 

SmartRIC’s PureSound™ with ZeroDelay technology provides your clients with industry-leading processing time for a sound that’s as natural and instantaneous as the world around them. 


For younger, tech-savvy users: Style meets functionality 

Younger clients are looking for devices that sync with their dynamic lives. SmartRIC doesn’t disappoint. With its stylish design, portable charger, and rechargeability, it’s a hearing aid that doubles as a tech accessory, offering intuitive control through the Moment app and seamless streaming via SoundConnect. Plus, the charger is as much a statement of style as it is of convenience, with its sleek design and Qi charging capabilities. 

Want to see SmartRIC for yourself? 

Overall, SmartRIC is great for a range of clients – from new hearing aid users to those looking to upgrade from their current Widex devices. 

For a firsthand experience of how SmartRIC can enhance your offering and give clients new angles of natural hearing, book a demo today. 


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