Redefining the digital landscape: Baby Boomers and hearing care

The digital world is changing rapidly, and it's not just younger generations getting in on the action. Older adults, especially baby boomers born between 1945 and 1965, are diving into the world of smartphones and modern technology. This shift shatters age-related stereotypes and opens fresh opportunities for you in audiology and hearing care. 

Baby Boomers are a growing market for connected hearing aids 

Recent surveys indicate that nearly two-thirds1 of baby boomers in the US now own a smartphone, with most also engaging on social media platforms like Facebook. This demographic represents the fastest-growing segment of smartphone users. Furthermore, baby boomers are more likely to utilise apps and devices to monitor their health than several other generations2.

As baby boomers embrace technology, they expect hearing aids to keep up with the times. They're looking for solutions that address their hearing loss and connect seamlessly with their devices, allowing them to engage in the digital age fully. This demand for connectivity drives innovation in the audiology industry, allowing you to offer cutting-edge, connected hearing aids that cater to this tech-savvy audience. 

Remote control and telehealth: Empowering older adults

By partnering with Widex, you can provide your clients with advanced solutions that integrate smoothly with smartphones and other devices.  

Connectivity features in Widex hearing aids include: 

  • Bluetooth connectivity - Users can easily adjust settings like volume and program selection through a dedicated app, giving them a user-friendly experience that empowers them to manage their hearing care independently. This connectivity is available in almost all current Widex models. 
  • Telehealth access - Widex offers remote fine-tuning capabilities, allowing you to adjust clients' hearing aid settings without needing an in-person appointment. This saves time for the wearer and ensures older adults receive timely care, even if they can't visit a clinic. 
  • Machine learning and AI-powered sound processing - These technological advancements are unique to Widex and empower users to tailor hearing aid settings to their needs in. 

As a hearing care professional, it's crucial for you to recognise the growing trend of older adults embracing technology and incorporating it into their hearing care. By staying current on technological advancements and partnering with innovative companies like Widex, you can better serve your clients and help them lead more connected, fulfilling lives. 


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