Using real-world data to create better hearing aids

Data and artificial intelligence have transformed many places, and the hearing aid industry is no exception. 

The hearing aid industry uses data and AI to:

  • Improve hearing aid design without compromising end-user privacy
  • Improve the product development process
  • Help define features and improve them after release
  • Use data-driven insights to enhance personalised hearing experiences

Overall, collecting and analysing anonymous hearing aid data can create more customised products that give end-users better experiences and help hearing care professionals make more informed decisions about patient care. 

Read on to see how we are doing just that to help people hear the way that nature intended.

Harnessing AI for customisation and data analysis

At Widex, we use real-time artificial intelligence (AI) to help people with hearing aids adjust their sound in real-time. Then, we use AI to analyse this large amount of of real-life user data, revealing patterns of preferences for different listening situations.

Since launching SoundSense Learn™ (SSL) in 2018, the first real-time AI in a hearing aid, Widex has helped users adjust their hearing aid settings in difficult situations by creating personalised listening programs. The programs that users create improve their sound in real-time and provide valuable anonymous data to better understand real-life hearing preferences.

These anonymous data have been used to create Widex MySound, which includes recommendations to users based on the preferences of other users in similar situations. In MySound, users can either select one of the recommendations or make an entirely personalised solution using SoundSense Learn.

This data is anonymised, making it impossible to identify the user. We have a secure and encrypted data exchange for protecting user privacy while enabling data sharing with Widex. That means anonymous usage data gathered from hearing aid apps can improve hearing aid design without compromising end-user privacy.

Revolutionising hearing aid design

Using real-life data from hearing aid users can greatly benefit the hearing aid industry, hearing care professionals, and people who wear hearing aids. By analysing what hearing aid users hear daily, we can create products more closely aligned with real-world use. 

At Widex, we are committed to using data responsibly and securely while developing and improving hearing aid technology for the benefit of all.

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