Tinnitus relief - Can hearing aids reduce stress and improve well-being?

New research shows that fractal music and modulated wave-like sounds could be vital in helping hearing aid users deal with tinnitus.  

This distinctive sound is found in Widex SoundRelax, a hearing aid feature designed to help hearing aid wearers: 

  • Decrease anxiety
  • De-stress
  • Boost concentration 

A study also showed that listening to these tones can decrease long-term tinnitus severity.

Fractal music - Familiar yet unpredictable

It has long been known that music with a slow tempo, low pitch, and no lyrics can help reduce stress. Fractal music is sound that has been proven to help people with tinnitus

Fractal music is a harmonic sound that is familiar but not monotonous or repetitive. Avoiding repetition is important for tinnitus treatment because predictability may decrease the effectiveness of the sound. 

Using sound for tinnitus relief

Widex SoundRelax offers new sounds generated in the hearing aid that combine unique fractal music with modulated wave-like sounds. One study showed that listening to these sounds can support hearing aid users’ relaxation, concentration, and well-being

This is intended to combat stress and sustain health for users with and without tinnitus. Another ongoing study investigates the new tones' long-term effects on tinnitus, showing significant improvements in standard measures of tinnitus severity.

Widex, a global hearing aid manufacturer, has a long legacy of helping people with tinnitus. Their Zen fractal tones for tinnitus relief have been available in all Widex hearing aids for over a decade.

Building on Zen, the new Widex SoundRelax program offers a new palette of fractal sounds intended to support relaxation, concentration, and well-being for all users. The new tones are softer and have better binaural synchronisation than previous Zen tones.

Tinnitus relief comes in many forms

Research shows that a one-size-fits-all approach to tinnitus relief will not work. Widex SoundRelax puts the wearer in the driver’s seat by including modulated wave-like sounds that can be used alone or in combination with musical styles. Hearing care professionals can also vary the pitch and tempo of the musical styles for a tailor-made solution.

Using hearing aids for tinnitus relief

Many people with tinnitus have mild-to-moderate hearing loss, and amplification has been proven to provide relief. Hearing aid programs like Widex SoundRelax and Zen give even more benefits to wearers with tinnitus. 

Overall, Widex has a long legacy of helping people with tinnitus.  Now, with Widex SoundRelax, the benefits of fractal tones are open to even more people.

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