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Watch pre-recorded webinars on demand, to learn about the latest products from Widex on your schedule.

Widex Moment Fall 2023 Updates

Attendees will learn about new offerings from Widex: standard earmold availability, V.2 HP receivers for sRIC models, and SoundConnect (a simple USB streaming device).  A review of all custom tips/molds will also be provided to support the addition of standard earmolds/V.2 HP.
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Introducing Widex Sound Assist™

Widex Sound Assist is a new multi-function accessory compatible with Widex Moment™ and Widex Magnify 2.4 GHz hearing aid models. Attendees will learn about it's remote microphone, hands-free streaming, and remote control capabilities.
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Widex Moment Sheer™ - Virtual Event

In this 1-hour training session, attendees will learn about the new Widex Moment Sheer including updates to the Widex Moment product portfolio, Compass GPS 4.4,  Widex Moment app v. 1.5, the newly redesigned TV-Play and more.
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Introduction to Widex Zen Therapy 

Join Widex Audiologist, Steven Pugsley, for an introduction to Widex Zen Therapy (WZT). Learn how our new five easy step procedure condenses the elements of Widex Zen Therapy into a practical user-friendly guide for easy in clinic implementation. This webinar is suitable for Hearing Healthcare Professionals who are not familiar with WZT or who need a refresher.
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Widex Heritage: A Journey toward Natural Sound

Join Widex Audiologist, Steven Pugsley as he takes you on a journey through Widex’ technological heritage. In this webinar, you will learn how the evolution of Widex’ signature features and audiological excellence have, and continue to, consistently deliver the best sound quality and performance for your patients.
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Maximize Success with Widex Moment™

Join Senior Audiologist Steven Pugsley to learn how to fit the new Widex Moment platform to maximize success and WOW the client. During this webinar you will be provided with the necessary tips and recommendations on how to optimize your fittings with Widex Moment. The latest clinical evidence supporting client preference for Widex Moment will be covered as part of the webinar.

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