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Product Summary

DREAM is the new family of remarkable hearing aids from Widex. The new DREAM440 by Widex provides more sound, more words and an experience that's more personal than ever before.

With the DREAM440 series, sounds will seem richer, with greater depth dimension and detail. Speech will be clear through the use of our unique True-Input Technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments.

Plus, DREAM440 is highly personal, with six different models in 14 colors. Pair that with a comfortable fit and a personalized website created for patients, and you'll see why DREAM is a dream come true for many with hearing loss.

New CIC MICRO Non-wireless option:

  • Designed for customers who rate invisibility above all else when purchasing hearing aids.
  • Excellent sound quality based on our TrueISP platform
  • Key Dream features without InterEar Synchronization
  • Requires Compass GPS 1.4 and WidexLink Connector interface with use of USBLink or nEARcom and standard CIC cables
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